Fresh Pasta Pop-Up 


Pasta Pop-Up

This Jun - Oct come eat with us!

Lincoln Square Farmer's Market (Tue)

Edgewater Farmer's Market (Sat)


We can provide an authentic Italian meal for any event. 

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Giuliana spent 2013 a Roma... 

She lived with her famiglia: beautiful and unconditionally hospitable. There she ignited a life-changing study of Italian language, culture and cuisine. She sipped cappuccini with Zia Menica in the mornings. She found herself lost in seas of dinner conversation. She learned to make cavatelli and carciofi. Since moving back to Chicago, she continues to cultivate those passions with partner Jessica Marasa. They aim to provide Chicago with the wholeseme nourishment of Italian mealtime. 

Pasta Monster embodies la Cucina Italiana. It goes beyond blending balanced flavors — it's a time to talk between bites; to rest between courses. In line with Italian tradition, Pasta Monster recognizes every element at the table for its potential to nourish body, soul and Earth. 

And so, the food we offer as Pasta Monster is traditional. Here you get sauce patiently simmered from morning into afternoon. Fresh deli is chosen with mood in mind. Italian mealtime can be simple to recreate, but it is always delicate, or rafinato as Menicuccia would say. 

Giuliana Molinaro is a Chicago-based pasta maker with cultural roots in Rome.  Jessica Marasa is a mover and shaker in the Chicago improvised dance scene. The two bonded over dance floors and tomato sauce. An Italian lesson turned into a pasta-making session, and the Monster was born...

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