your Fresh Pasta Pop-Up Shop.


your Fresh Pasta Pop-Up Shop.


Pasta Monster was born out of a lifelong inclination to express love through food. I spent a year in Rome living with my incredible (and unconditionally hospitable) extended family with the intention of studying Italian language and cuisine. Three years since my return, I still can't help but marvel in the experience I gained, which taught me that the world-wide wonder of Italian Cuisine is actually incredibly simple to recreate. Simple but delicate, or "rafinato" as zia would say. 

The type of food that Pasta Monster offers is not fancy or complex. It is in the style of sauce that zia put on early in the morning, and carbonara that cugino whipped up in a gif on a lazy day. It is meant to make you feel warm, and full, and ready to relax a moment before tackling the day's next challenge. Most importantly, it's meant to be shared.

We would love to share a meal with you.

How it works


We provide a personalized yet authentic Italian meal for each individual guest.

Our rig is meant to be a subtle spectacle, consisting of a few tables posted for a period of time where guests can approach and order at their leisure while enjoying the show of how family style pastas are realized from cucina a tavola.


Event goers are asked to choose from a variety of home-made pasta shapes and homestyle sauces, which we cook and toss specially for each of you, right in front of you. 

Accompaniments, such as antipasti, secondi, contorni, e dolci can be made available buffet style or by plate as well.


Pasta Monster can be compensated one of two ways: 

  • One flat fee to handle all things food at your event
  • Hosts pay a set-up fee, and guests are charged per meal.







If you're interested in seeing Pasta Monster in action at your party, please email us with a basic description of your event. We look forward to hearing from you!